Research and Development System

Our Research and Development (R&D) Department accounts for 35 percent of Lifetech’s staff and mainly take charge of product designing, processing, equipment development, clinical research, product registration, and intellectual property management. The highly qualified and well-experienced R&D team, are focused on research and development of innovative minimally invasive cardiovascular medical devices and relevant technologies, with their emphasis on extensive cooperation and communication with experts, doctors and technologists in and out of company. They also keep closed with Clinical Trial and Product Registration teams to ensure seamless initiation of clinical trials at the international partner sites and quick registration and certification process around the world.

Lifetech utilizes ERP management system and Team Center Product Lifecycle Management software, to aid in product development, quality management and knowledge management processes. It is believed that employees are company’s greatest asset, therefore there is a rigorous employment selection process and continuous training schedule helping employees to reach both their perspective and career goals.

R&D laboratories are equipped with the most sophisticated testing instruments designed for biological material processing and analysis, which have achieved ISO17025(CNAS)certification for laboratory quality management systems.

The totalinvestment on R&D accounts 20% of our sales revenue.




National Post-doctoral Research Workstation.       

National and Regional Joint Engineering Laboratory       

Engineering Technology Research and Development Center of Guangdong Province       

Shenzhen Engineering Research and Development Center.        

Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory.

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